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How Long is a Moment? The 9 Different Ways to Measure It

A few hundred years ago, the word “moment” used to mean a precise amount of time, just like a minute equals 60 seconds.

Nowadays, we just use it to describe a very short period of time, but without any hard definition. This leaves room for some ambiguity, so here are a few ways to measure how long a moment is:

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5 Fun Facts about The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt is an oil painting completed in 1907 or 1908. The painting was completed by the Austrian Symbolist painter named Gustav Klimt and it’s actually the most famous piece of Klimt art. It’s a beautiful piece that has quite a story behind it and there are a lot of tidbits about the painting that aren’t quite as well-known as the image of the artwork.


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5 Reasons To Wait for Someone You Love (and 5 not to)

Is it worth waiting for someone you love?

Most people would say it is a black and white problem: “never wait for someone, you are too precious to do that; if they love you, they will come”.

Self-respect is an awesome thing to have. But there are some situations which are truly hard to navigate and require time and effort to get out of. Only after can a person commit.

It’s one thing to wait for a person who makes an honest effort for you, but quite another to wait for somebody who doesn’t seem to care.

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The best quantum physics explanation for ordinary people

The building blocks of the universe are particles and waves.

Particles, such as neutrons or atoms, come together to create bigger and more complex structures, like molecules. Put together 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom and you end up with a water molecule. Put many water molecules together and you have a glass of water.

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Money Is Infinite

Don’t you wish! Allow me to elaborate.

According to Google, there is at least $80 trillion in the world, and perhaps as much as $241 trillion. Either way, that’s a shit ton of money. Not only that, banks and governments “create” more money every single day, in the form of debt.

When the bank gives you a few hundred thousand dollars for your mortgage, where does the money come from? It used to be that the money came from the deposits of other worker bees. But today that is an antiquated notion. Today, the bank simple enters a negative balance in your account. You now owe them $100,000 or much more, plus a massive slice of interest. This is one of the many ways that banks create money out of thin air.

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Ultimate List Of “To-Do’s” For Moving Into A Freelance Writing Role

Moving to the world of freelance writing is a remarkable decision. Yes, it’s going to be challenging. But, it’s a job that you’ll find satisfaction doing. More so if actually love writing. You’re getting paid for doing something you enjoy, at your own pace, from home. Working as a freelance writer indeed feels like a dream, especially for those of you that need this kind of convenience.

But, just as is the case with any job, it doesn’t mean that you’re working freelance, you can take your time and relax. It still needs a lot of hard work. Tick this to-do-list of things for you to accomplish, as you start working freelance.

  1. Have A Blog

Working in the freelance industry also means that you’re under a lot of competition. Yes, there are thousands of other writers across the globe that are applying for writing jobs as you are. You have to find ways to get yourself noticed. One of these is through having a blog.

When you run a blog, you gain the following:

  • The practice that you need. Blogging is a serious matter. This means that you’ve got to post regularly so that your SEO rankings maintain. Else, you lose followers. Hence, with a blog, you’re forced to write more. This gives you the practice that you need to become a better writer, including, for instance, keeping track of the length, the meat, and even the flow. To help you as you start blogging, you can use tools like a word counter or a grammar checker to improve the quality of your work.
  • The exposure. When you pitch for a freelance writing job, you also have to submit an application letter and resume, just like in any other job. If your potential boss sees that you’ve got a blog, that’s one way for them to assess your writing style, apart from the samples that you submit. Plus, they get a glimpse of your personality too. This gives you a competitive advantage in the challenging freelance industry.


  1. Choose Whether You’ll Work Part-Time Or Full-Time

When you work as a freelance writer, you also have a choice whether you’re going to do it full-time or part-time. Remember that with freelance writing, you’re in control of your time. While this is an advantage, it also means that you’ve got to double-time with time management. Working from home means that you’re also more prone to distraction. In writing, it’s very hard to get in the zone and have a flow when you’re always distracted. There are kids to take care of, perhaps, errands to run and a house to manage. This is unlike working with fixed hours in an office where no one can disturb you.

Hence, you have to make a choice early on whether you can commit to working part-time or full-time.

  1. Sign Up For A Writing Course

When you work freelance, this means two things: on the advantage, you have more time on your hands to learn more. On the negative, this also means that competition is more complicated. In this regard, it helps if you also sign up for writing courses from time to time.

Enrolling yourself in courses or classes helps you work your way up towards success faster. Remember that now you’re not just writing for fun. You’re writing to earn an income. Hence, you have to invest in your talent and skills also.

  1. Find A Niche That You’re Comfortable In

With thousands of other freelance writers, another way for you also to stand out is to find a niche that you’re comfortable in. Apart from being comfortable, you should at least know that field. For example, while anyone can write about parenting, for beginners, it’s best if you leave that to those who’ve got parenting experience. That way, you’re not forcing yourself to write about something that’s too alien for you.

As you stay longer in the freelance industry, though, that’s when you start to venture into more challenging fields. Do this when you’ve already had so much experience writing. That way, the only adjustment that you have to make is in the process of researching and studying on the topic.

  1. Create A Marketing Plan

This applies especially if you don’t intend on writing for just one employer the entire time. If you prefer a project basis, such for instance, writing short e-books for a couple of months, you need to market yourself well as a freelance writer. Else, it’s going to be hard for you to bid for more work to be given to you.

Remember that one of the disadvantages of working in the freelance industry is that for starters, you don’t earn a fixed and stable income. If this income is something that you need, then double time in marketing yourself. Here are some ways for you to do it:

  • Start with guest posting or ghostwriting for a company. This means working as a part of their writing staff for various websites. Nevermind that you don’t get credited for your work, as it’s posted. What’s important is that you’re gaining experience, practice, and a name in the freelance industry.
  • Pitch to blogs and websites you want to write content for.
  • Reach out to businesses on social media, looking for writers to promote their products.


Surely, you may have ventured into freelance writing because you’ve heard of the success stories of many that have left their office jobs to work freelance. Yes, working freelance can just be as profitable for you, too, income-wise. But, just because you’re working freelance, this doesn’t mean that you’ve got room to be lazy. It takes so much hard work. Sometimes, even more so than having a fixed schedule in the office. This list should give you that good start that you need.

17 Interpersonal Communication Skills that Persuade Anyone

Interpersonal communication is the process of sharing information between two or more people or groups, through verbal, written and non-verbal channels.

While all of us do this on a daily basis, a brief overview of the 6 major components of interpersonal communication and their interplay will go a long way in understanding how people send and receive information.

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Anagenesis and Cladogenesis: Definitions and Differences

Anagenesis and cladogenesis are the two main ways speciation occurs. One involved the slow transition of one species to another. Cladogenesis involved the separation of a species into two or more groups, with each group then becoming its own separate species.

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What if an Artificial Intelligence chooses suicide?

Whenever we think of super intelligent AI’s, we imagine complex entities like Skynet in the Terminator movies or the machines in the Matrix series. Alternatively, they might be helpful, like many of the robots in the stories of Isaac Asimov.

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How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

Face to face beats video chat beats phone calls beats messaging

Humans are creatures of habit and comfort, and one bad routine you may risk falling into is to simply text all day long. Text works as a way of keeping in touch, but try to physically meet however often you possibly can.

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