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How Limerence and Passionate Love Transforms Your Mind

During the course of a human life, chances are high of being struck by a bout of passionate love so strong, so powerful, that it completely takes control over your thoughts and imaginations.

You wake up, and immediately start to wonder what the person you desire is up to today. You go do your groceries, and hope to meet them somewhere among the aisles. You see some person’s someone’s reflection in a window pane, and imagine it to be your one true love.

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Unconditional Love for Practical People

What is unconditional love

In its true, semantic meaning unconditional love equals affection without any sort of limitation. Love simply flows towards someone (or even an ideal) without any sort of restraint. One might even call it “true love”.

But this definition raises some tough possibilities that beg the question: “without any limits? Seriously?”.

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This theory explains why you can’t love someone forever

If you are like me, you’ve probably been taught that fulfillment in one’s personal life means connecting with someone who you love and loves you back, marrying them and creating a stable and happy family. It seems so simple and natural, something inherently human and common to all of us.

But is it?

Sex at Dawn authors Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha delve into our ancestors love lives and sexual relationships in a time when monogamy didn’t exist yet as a generalized way of life, and through their findings put forward a thought provoking theory in regards to our sex lives and relationships.

What you can learn from this book:

  • Why monogamy is unnatural for humans
  • Why women moan during sex
  • Why men and women have a different path to orgasm

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