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8 Profound Meanings to “I Know That I Know Nothing”

A good friend of Socrates, once asked the Oracle at Delphi “is anyone wiser than Socrates?”

The Oracle answered “No one.”

This greatly puzzled Socrates, since he claimed to possess no secret information or wise insight. As far as Socrates was concerned, he was the most ignorant man in the land.

Best Ever 101 Life Mottos (& The Stories Behind Them)

Having one or more personal mottos can enrich your life in more ways than one.

A good motto can help you come to a decision. For instance, you’ll want to know how much (or how little) you should keep trying to master a skill.

You may be an impulsive person, in this case a calming and thoughtful motto can help you take a step back, clear your mind and make a decision when you’re in better spirits.

Other times, you may need a motto to guide you through the hard moments in life, when your efforts don’t seem to connect and you’re wondering what to do.

The best Carl Sagan books to read in 2020

Carl Sagan wrote a lot of books. For many people he was the gateway to science and encouraged a mindset of curiosity and eagerness to learn.

He had an almost unnatural ability to break down and explain even the most complex of topics into understandable nuggets of information. A cool example of this is his Flatland presentation, where Sagan explains a concept that is impossible to imagine – the 4th dimension – and somehow makes it understandable.

What Happens When You Die? 8 Non-Religious Afterlife Theories

What happens when you die?

As a species, we’ve been wrestling with this question ever since we could think.

This question preoccupies us so much, we’ve built countless religions to help explain what might exist “on the other side”. In fact, the central pillar of all religions is providing an answer as to whether there is life after death.

That being said, religion isn’t the only source of answers for what comes after death. Philosophy and, recently science, also provide possible solutions.

Unfortunately, while there are multiple possible solutions, none of them are certain and it’s impossible to tell exactly what is the true answer.

The darkest, most disturbing books of all time (2020 update)

Well written “good” books create worlds and characters you don’t want to leave. Dark and disturbing books create worlds so disgusting and inhuman that all you can ever think about is how to escape them.

In what might be an ironic twist of fate, it’s the dark and disturbing books that teach one to be optimistic. No matter how bad your life is, at least you aren’t eaten from the inside out by hungry rats.

8 Practical Tips on What to Eat When Nothing Sounds Good

What do you eat when nothing sounds good?

This has probably happened to you so many times before, that it’s become a recurring nuisance to daily life that you would like to deal with.

The first part of this short article covers a few, very common, non-medical causes that often affect your appetite.

The second part lists several simple and easy to implement tricks that can help you figure out what to eat when no particular food is tempting enough to eat.

Best 2020 MCAT Prep Books, Free Materials & their Pros/Cons

The best MCAT prep books come from 3 major publishers: Kaplan, Princeton and ExamKrackers.

There are a bunch of other publishers out there, however their weaknesses greatly overshadow their strengths. As a result, test goers and the MCAT prep community in general has gravitated to the 3 big names mentioned previously.

For the most part, those three publishers are comparable in overall quality. However, none of them are sufficiently good enough to be your single, one-stop shop when it comes to MCAT preparation.

6 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job (and 6 Reasons Not To)

“Should I quit my job?”

It’s something every sane person will ask themselves at least a dozen times at various points in their career.

The question is very complex and difficult to answer because it has so many moving parts: How terrible is your job? What’s the job market in your area like? What are your financial needs? How employable are you? Do you have a job lined up? Are you working on a side business you want to grow?

Depending on the circumstances you’re in, quitting your job may be the best you can do for yourself and your career. At other times, staying at your current company a little while longer may also be the absolute best approach for you now and in the future.

7 Reasons You Should Go to College (and 6 Not To)

“Should I go to college?”

It used to be a simple choice in the past (“Yes, college is worth it.”), but over the last few decades the cost of college has increased so much people might wonder if it’s worthwhile decision, from a financial and professional perspective.

On one hand, college can provide you with the necessary education and qualifications to pursue selective careers such as law and medicine. It also simplifies entry into more technical fields such as computer science and engineering.

On the other hand, going through the full educational college circuit can easily cost you much more than $50,000 in student debt. For more selective schools and those that are out of state, this cost can balloon into the hundreds of thousands of dollars from the first day of college until the day of graduation.

8 Reasons to Block Your Ex (and 4 reasons not to)

“Should I block my ex’s number and social media?”

It’s a good question, and some people would say to simply block the ex and be done with it. But it’s not so simple.

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