Greetings fellow internet explorer and welcome to Hasty Reader.

“The life so short, the craft so long to learn” so said the great Geoffrey Chaucer  way back in the Middle Ages, and it was true then and even more so today.

Millions of non-fiction books and studies are published each year and that figure keeps growing and growing, but most of them just rearrange the same body of knowledge without actually giving us something “new”. So since the time we have available to learn is limited, what should we read and what should we skip?

This blog won’t be able to give you all the answers to that question, but it can help. In here you will find summaries (not reviews) and actionable ideas taken straight out of the books we read.

The selection process mainly focuses on the quality of the work, such as how innovative or information packed it is, on the professional background of the author and his previous works and in some cases, on how controversial it is. However, we won’t ignore best sellers and other popular books.

By posting these summaries, we hope you can gauge their usefulness and pick up some ideas along the way. Who knows, if you find the summary interesting enough maybe you can read the whole book and get the full experience.

On top of that, you will also find articles on various tips and tricks that can help you out in various situations.

And that’s that, enjoy your time reading.

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