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Limerence: symptoms of a toxic love (test yourself)

Limerence definition, meaning and comparison to love Limerence is the emotional state of uncontrollable obsession and infatuation for a particular person, called the Limerent Object, coupled with a desire to obtain their emotional commitment and begin a relationship with them. It was coined by psychologist Dorothy Tennov, after a research period that involved interviews with …

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Unconditional Love Isn’t Possible & You Wouldn’t Want It

What is unconditional love In its true, semantic meaning unconditional love equals affection without any sort of limitation. Love simply flows towards someone (or even an ideal) without any sort of restraint. One might even call it “true love”. But this definition raises some tough possibilities that beg the question: “without any limits? Seriously?”.

How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

Face to face beats video chat beats phone calls beats messaging Humans are creatures of habit and comfort, and one bad routine you may risk falling into is to simply text all day long. Text works as a way of keeping in touch, but try to physically meet however often you possibly can.