Unconditional Love Isn’t Possible & You Wouldn’t Want It

What is unconditional love In its true, semantic meaning unconditional love equals affection without any sort of limitation. Love simply flows towards someone (or even an ideal) without any sort of restraint. One might even call it “true love”. But this definition raises some tough possibilities that beg the question: “without any limits? Seriously?”.

Money Is Infinite

Don’t you wish! Allow me to elaborate. According to Google, there is at least $80 trillion in the world, and perhaps as much as $241 trillion. Either way, that’s a shit ton of money. Not only that, banks and governments “create” more money every single day, in the form of debt. When the bank gives …

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Ultimate List Of “To-Do’s” For Moving Into A Freelance Writing Role

Moving to the world of freelance writing is a remarkable decision. Yes, it’s going to be challenging. But, it’s a job that you’ll find satisfaction doing. More so if actually love writing. You’re getting paid for doing something you enjoy, at your own pace, from home. Working as a freelance writer indeed feels like a …

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