“Is CuriosityStream worth it?”

You’ve probably seen the ads and the many sponsored YouTube videos about this streaming service for documentaries and are now wondering whether or not you should give the service a try.

CuriosityStream was founded by John Hendricks, the same person who also created the old, good Discovery Channel before it was overrun by reality TV and pseudoscience. As such, a good way to think about CuriosityStream is to see it like the old Discovery Channel / History, except that you can stream documentaries like on Netflix.

The overall quality of the documentaries is mostly solid. The cost is very attractive, especially after they reduced their prices by half in mid 2018.

It also offers lots of nifty and useful features, such as a passworded child-friendly mode, streaming on multiple devices from the same account etc.

That being said, CuriosityStream does have some negative points. Content growth can be rather slow. The 4K monthly subscription is a bit hard to justify since there aren’t very many 4K documentaries available.

It also comes with no content suggestion algorithm so you pretty much have to sift through the documentaries “by hand”.