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21 Funniest Cultural Misunderstandings & Miscommunications

The definition of misunderstanding, (as per dictionary) describes it as such: An incorrect interpretation of a certain point of view, situation, argument or piece of information. A conflict or disagreement between two or more parties. It’s safe to say that any human that has ever lived has been in such a situation. But some misunderstandings …

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Unconditional Love Isn’t Possible & You Wouldn’t Want It

What is unconditional love In its true, semantic meaning unconditional love equals affection without any sort of limitation. Love simply flows towards someone (or even an ideal) without any sort of restraint. One might even call it “true love”. But this definition raises some tough possibilities that beg the question: “without any limits? Seriously?”.

(Summary) Childhood Disrupted

“Childhood Disrupted” by Donna Jackson Nakazawa explores the lasting impact childhood trauma can have on your biology. The book’s premise centers around the negative (and on few ocassions, positive) impact stress can have on a child’s development into adult life.