Money Is Infinite

Don’t you wish! Allow me to elaborate.

According to Google, there is at least $80 trillion in the world, and perhaps as much as $241 trillion. Either way, that’s a shit ton of money. Not only that, banks and governments “create” more money every single day, in the form of debt.

When the bank gives you a few hundred thousand dollars for your mortgage, where does the money come from? It used to be that the money came from the deposits of other worker bees. But today that is an antiquated notion. Today, the bank simple enters a negative balance in your account. You now owe them $100,000 or much more, plus a massive slice of interest. This is one of the many ways that banks create money out of thin air.

Governments love doing this as well. Every year, they “borrow” money from future taxpayers (that is, you when you’re older, your children and grandchildren, new immigrants, their children, and so on), simply by entering millions upon millions of dollars into their spreadsheets, and then spending that money in order to buy votes.

As cynical as all this sounds, the point is that there are massive amounts of money everywhere, and more money is being created in every instant. And today there is even more money being created in the form of cryptocurrencies. Any programming genius can create a cryptocurrency (at this writing there are over 2000 cryptos with a market cap of about $350 billion) and many of them are being exchanged for real things in the real world.

Another thing to remember is that money is no longer backed by gold and silver. Money is no longer even represented by bills and coins. Instead, money is now mostly a digital currency, a simple series of ones and zeros existing only in the cloud.

And all of this money is flying around through wireless networks. At any moment, how many billions of dollars are transferred through the air? How many millions of dollars are zipping through your body on their way from customer A to customer B?

The point is, you are surrounded by an infinity of money at all times. Now, I understand that unless those ones and zeros are flying into your bank account it doesn’t really help you. But the point is that you are literally bathing in the energy of millions of dollars at any single moment. And it’s this image I would like you to embrace.

Remember this: your consciousness is immersed in a sea of consciousness created by the billions of humans on this planet.

Mostly, this is an unfocused soup of mumbling and grumbling. But properly focussed consciousness can burn through this quantum soup in order to bring you whatever you want in life. So properly focussing your consciousness in order to attract a small percentage of the infinite money floating around the world will dramatically improve your wealth in the real world.

Realizing that infinite amounts of money are available to you is a remarkably easy and effective way to begin to attract and create greater amounts of money in your own life. There are dozens of books that explain how to do this. I once helped publish an excellent one myself, and you might be able to read it for free here. One of my favorites, the one on which the previous few paragraphs are based, is Stuart Wilde’s The Trick to Money Is Having Some. Read that if you want to change the fatness of your wallet.

In short, money is not “real”. Money is no longer gold and silver. Money is no longer even backed by gold and silver. Money is a pure abstraction. Money is only worth anything because we have all agreed that money is worth whatever we have agreed to. And these days, in current year, we have agreed that the digital wealth created out of thin air by banks, governments, and programmers can be used to buy “real” things.

These days, money is just another form of energy which can be used in any way you wish to manipulate physical reality. And since money is energy, and energy is infinite, so money is infinite.

If you can embrace the picture I have tried to paint in relation to money, I would like you to take it waaaay further.

Nothing Is Real

It isn’t just money that isn’t real. In truth, nothing is “real”. That is, there is no objective physical reality “out there” that is exactly the same for every person. In fact, there are 7+ billion realities, because every person lives in their own subjective universe.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying there is no objective reality. Of course there is a real reality in which we live. I know I’m delusional, but I’m not that delusional. But our experience of reality is created by our interpretations of reality which are in turn created by every experience we ever have in reality. And since every person lives a different experience, and interprets that different experience differently, every person lives in a different reality. Does that word salad make any sense? Not really.

The ancient proverb says it better:
“20 people crossing a bridge into town are 20 people crossing 20 bridges into 20 towns.”

Science says the same thing in a few more words:

‘Out there’ there is no light and no colour, there are only electromagnetic waves. ‘Out there’ there is no sound and no music, there are only periodic variations of air pressure. ‘Out there’ there is no heat and no cold, there are only moving molecules with more or less mean kinetic energy, and so on.

Cyberneticist Heinz von Forster, quoted in Mind and Reality, by Wolfram Schommers.

This is no mere metaphor about how the brain perceives (and possibly helps create) reality. Modern science, specifically quantum physics, discovered this over 100 years ago. The most amazing discovery of the quantum physicists is that there is no matter at the core of the physical world. As we have dissected atoms and delved into the world of subatomic particles, we discovered the atom is not a physical building block of the world, but an energetic field, a pulsating whirl of electricity, mostly “filled” with empty space.

Michael Talbot, in his book Mysticism and the New Physics, visualized it like this:

If a baseball were expanded to the size of the Earth the atoms that comprise it would be seen as roughly the size of cherries… Remarkably, if we had an atom the size of a cherry we still would not be able to see the nucleus with the naked eye…

With this image we begin to get a small taste of the strange atomic structures that create our material world. An atom is so small that it is invisible even when expanded to the human scale of, for example, a cherry. But we can continue to magnify the atom and still it would appear empty. We would need to increase the size of a single atom to that of a football stadium before we could see the nucleus, and it would still be only the size of a single grain of salt. The electrons would still be invisible, spinning around this tiny nucleus over a hundred metres away.

Several thousand people would now be able to sit in the empty space of the atom and watch a football game without disturbing the particles of our now immense atom. If we wanted this crowd of people to be able to see the nucleus of the atom we would have to continue to expand the atom to the size of a large city. Now the nucleus would be about the size of a football, the atom would still consist of almost entirely empty space, and the pea-sized electrons would be spinning around this nucleus 20 miles away.

This is the image James Trefil used in his book From Atoms to Quarks: Imagine putting a bowling ball in the center of a city and then scattering ten peas around the rest of the city and you will have some idea how empty an atom really is.

In terms of actual volume, the nucleus occupies only 0.00000000000000001% of the atom. In material terms, the rest is empty space. The material reality we perceive seems to be an optical illusion created by our senses. Astrophysicist Sir James Jeans went so far as to say, “The universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears as an accidental intruder into the realm of matter; we are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter…” My sentiments exactly.

The atomic world turns out to be a pulsating, vibrating, continually shifting and changing dance of energy. And so is our everyday world: a pulsating, vibrating, continually shifting and changing dance of energy.

So what creates the seemingly solid world we all experience? Consciousness. It is your brain that collapses the infinite probabilities of the quantum field into the one consistent world which you experience.

Specifically, it is your beliefs that create the reality you experience. This has been explained much better than I can by dozens of philosophical and psychological writers, so I’m not going to get into it here. If you wish to understand the mechanics by which this happens, by far the most insightful and mind-expanding book on the subject is The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts. The fundamental theme of that book is “You create your own reality.” And it explains exactly how you do that, and how you can create a different physical reality, if that is what you choose.

Simply put, you do this by projecting your energy into the “outside” world and attracting to yourself whatever is aligned with whatever beliefs you have accepted from your parents, friends, society, and everywhere else throughout your life.

Generally, we are all brainwashed into accepting as real whichever “reality” we are experiencing.

The good news is that we can change our beliefs in every moment. We are always free to believe whatever we wish at any time.

The Easiest Get Rich Quick Scheme

So, let’s get back to money. You are free to believe that it is difficult to earn money, that it is a struggle to survive and that life is expensive and difficult.

Or you can believe that life is easy, that life is meant to be enjoyed without stress, and that all of your needs are easily met by aligning yourself with the source of all things, the creative loving energy of the intelligent universe.

Abraham Hicks puts it like this: “You get what you think about, whether you want it or not.”

And you’ll say, “But I think about having more money all the time, and I don’t get any more money.”

Right. You think about having more money because you want more money. So the universe gives you the experience of wanting money. The reason you want more money, the reason you dream about having more money all the time, is because your real belief is that you don’t have enough money. Why would you want more money if you already had enough? And since your core belief is that you don’t have enough money, life says, “Yes, you don’t have enough money.” And that will be your experience. You see the nasty trick the mind plays on you?

So how to flip it? How to change your core belief? Gratitude. Appreciation. That’s the magic key. Appreciate all the good things in your life and more good things will come to you. Appreciate the money that enters your life, instead of complaining about how little you have, and then mindlessly spending what little you have. Every time money enters your life, spend a moment to appreciate that good things are flowing to you, and open yourself up to more good things, to more money. That’s the first step to increasing the abundance in your life.

How to Be Rich

There is an even easier way to be rich, one that doesn’t require you to attract any more money than you already have. A way to be rich that doesn’t require anything more than a change of perspective.

Simply, realize that you are already rich. Maybe not compared to the richest people on the planet right now, but definitely compared to 99.9999999999% of the people who came before you. If you live in a developed country and have a job, you are probably richer than 99% of the people alive today. (Check out to find out exactly how high up the wealth ladder you are.)

Even if you are in the bottom 99% percent, I’m sure you have enough food to eat and a safe place to sleep, or you’d be dead already. That’s rich. You certainly wouldn’t have access to the world’s infinite data and some electronic gadget to read this with. That’s a luxury only the rich can afford. Besides, being rich isn’t about surrounding yourself with the latest consumer goods or some ultra-extravagant bullshit. Being rich is about being able to appreciate life — your life — fully.

Someone once said “A thankful heart is always close to the riches of the universe,” and that is exactly right.

After all, who is richer? A multi-billionaire who works himself into an early grave and spends his entire life worrying about losing his money, or a person who is happy with his life, no matter how humble, and at peace with the world? The answer is obvious.

Learning how to appreciate the simple things in life is true wealth. And it’s the healthiest thing you can possibly do for your soul. Appreciating the infinite free gifts of the universe. That’s rich.

Post originally published at the Everything is Infinite blog.