How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

Face to face beats video chat beats phone calls beats messaging

Humans are creatures of habit and comfort, and one bad routine you may risk falling into is to simply text all day long. Text works as a way of keeping in touch, but try to physically meet however often you possibly can. Whatever you do, don’t just wait for someone you love to always do the first move.

If meeting isn’t possible, video calling is the next best thing. It allows you to see some physical nuances, such as voice tone, sly smiles, kindness, harshness and everything else in between.

Phone calls, while not ideal, are still better than text since you can actually hear each others voices.

Do not talk about what separates you

If your partner has left for another country, you will be very tempted to know everything they are doing and how they are getting used to their new home. However, the less you ask about it, the better (unless, of course, you are not going to move in with them). Because the feeling of a completely alien world will sooner or later begin to be associated with a loved one, and so they will soon become a stranger too.

Feel free to express your feelings

One persistent problem you’ll encounter in a long-distance relationship is how to keep things interesting. Texting your partner with all sorts of cute messages and emoji becomes stale and boring within a few weeks.

If you’re not having fun, then all the Skype calls and e-mails will be pointless because you are not really engaged in communication. But it’s important to understand that you need this communication. You have already lost a huge stratum in a relationship – lovers express most of their feelings non-verbally by holding hands, hugging, and kissing. While you are deprived of this opportunity, you will have to switch up the tenderness with words.

Meet regularly

In long distance relationships, the frequency of your meetings will depend on many things: distance, work or study schedule, finances etc.

But you have to come up with a firm schedule and habit of meetings such as:

  • Every weekend.
  • Every end of month.
  • Every 3 weeks.
  • etc.

Meet in a neutral place

If you have to leave for a long time, select a point on the map which will be convenient for both of you and meet there. Do not allow for a situation, in which you, for example, will be just sitting there and waiting for when they decide to visit you. In a neutral place, both of you are going to be equal; no discomfort, just a good old date.

Do something together

As you know, modern communication tools allow you to select products for dinner together. For example, get on Skype, make a call, and go to the store. This is great because, firstly, it makes you two feel like you are near each other, and secondly, it removes the we-had-nothing-to-talk-about problem.

By trying to do something together you can also figure out if she or he wants a serious relationship with you.

Don’t lie to each other

Lying in a relationship at a long distance is extremely convenient because the partner will never know that they were cheated on. The problem is that you get used to lying. Once you find yourself next to your partner, it will be difficult to unlearn the habit of lying and not speaking about something, hiding some uncomfortable truths from your partner.

Of course, the same applies to you. You can’t really know if your partner is lying to you. But you should not lie to yourself. This will greatly help your future relationship.

Don’t be jealous

Is love at a distance without jealousy possible? Jealousy is generally difficult to fight, almost impossible in relationships at a distance. Thus, don’t even start thinking about infidelity. All you can do is trust your partner; there are no other options. This is especially true for newer relationships that are still in the limerence phase of love.

This must be taken for granted. If you are not ready, it is better to leave a person alone. If your partner is not ready for such a relationship, it is simply necessary to part ways – it will happen anyway a little later, but before that, you will have time to get used to a person and get attached to them.