How to have a healthy work environment

Work is where the average person spends more time than anywhere else. As much as we would like to believe we are all family-oriented people, the truth of the matter is that we spend more time at our place of work than anywhere else. So, it would seem that our work areas should be conducive to both comfort and productivity. 

The ideal workplace invites creativity and fosters healthy relationships among co-workers. It would be designed with the employees in mind. After all our work place has a direct effect on our mental health, and our mental health affects not only us as employees, but it tends to have a ripple effect to all of the people who surround us daily.

How Does Environment Effect Our Brains?

You would be far stretched to find a company whose main focus is not on making money. After all, money is what makes our world go around. But in order to make money, it remains true that a company needs to spend a little money as well. 

Let’s take a look at how each of the following categories affects employees in a negative manner. 

Physical Discomfort

There are a lot of desks and chairs that are simply not conducive to comfort. Especially in companies that have been around for a while, outdated chairs can make employees especially uncomfortable. 

The chair where you sit at work can cause strain on your back and neck. These are chronic problems that affect your overall productivity. If employees are busy focusing on pain that they experience, then they are not likely to be able to focus on the job they are paid to do in the first place. This is also through no fault of their own. 

This is why Herman Miller chairs are so expensive, because they are worth the productivity gain. This is also why gaming chairs are not worth it as work chairs.

Lack of Exercise

Sitting in a desk chair all day long can be extremely disheartening for the active employee. Just like children, adults need to get adequate exercise and we need the ability to release energy in a positive way. Sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day is not healthy for our minds or our bodies. 

Negative Energy

When we are physically and mentally drained, we tend to come to work with a negative outlook on our days. Unfortunately, this negativity spreads easily. When one employee begins to speak negatively, the entire outlook of the office can spread like wildfire. 

So, keeping your employees happy should be a top priority. As quickly as negativity spreads throughout an office so can positivity spread. Read through the following tips to understand how you can improve company morale throughout your office spaces. 

What does a Productive Environment Look Like?

Companies who want to promote a healthy work environment should invest in the physical comfort of their employees. Maximum physical comfort is going to lead to increased productivity and positivity in the workplace.  Investing in the comfort of your employees will provide big results in the long run. 


Some companies have decided to offer flexible seating to their employees, often combined with standing. This is a great option for companies where employees are expected to work in an office for prolonged periods of time. 

The best example here is the standing desk, as it gives employees the option to burn calories while on the job. Not every employee is going to want to stand all day while they work, but having the option to move to a standing desk when necessary is extremely helpful to workplace morale. 

Another option is to provide couches and recliners as workspaces rather than traditional desks. These flexible seating options make employees feel valued. When you put an employee’s comfort before financial goals, they feel like they are valuable to you as people. An employee who feels valued is much more likely to work hard for a company than one who questions his/her value.

Break Area

If the emotional environment in the office is negative, then the break area is going to be a negative place to be. However, improving morale seems to revolve around providing employees with opportunities to be grateful for where they work. The employee break area is an essential area for employee morale. 

The ability to socialize intermittently has a positive effect on employees. We like to make friends in the workplace, and we need to have the luxury of speaking to those friends on a regular basis. 

Outdoor Spaces

Another major negative impact on employees is a lack of opportunity to get a little vitamin D in our systems. According to WebMD, we need vitamin D in order to sufficiently enjoy our days. Getting enough sunshine is a major boost to mental health due to the increase in vitamin D intake when you get enough sunshine. 

Companies should consider providing employees with ample opportunities for getting sunshine with outdoor spaces. Some companies have even created outdoor working areas for employees who feel the need to get a little sunshine. 

Final Thoughts

Providing employees with a functional workspace is crucial for workplace morale. By providing employees with the things they need to maximize happiness, employers are investing in their own productivity and profitability.